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Stair Calculator for Stair Stringers

Stair stringer treads: rise and going

Our stair stringers range from 1-17 treads (steps) and are made for standard ‘rise’ and ‘going’ and work on a 1000mm max distance between the centers of the stringers.

The rise is the vertical measurement taken from one step level to the next. Standard rise is 175mm.

The going is the horizontal measurement taken from the front of one step to the next. Standard going is 250mm.

The picture bellow illustrates the rise and going of our stair stringers.

Stair Calculator

Stair calculator table

To work out the correct size stair stringer, you will need to know your height to deck. This can be found by measuring the vertical distance from the ground level to the height of the deck that you wish to connect.

Note: Also check that there will be enough room horizontally from the face of the deck to where the stringers will be fixed.

Once you have the height to deck measurement you can use the table below to find out which size stringer you need and the cost. The sizes below are for LevelMaster standard stringers with a 175mm Rise and 250mm Going.

No. of tread pair  Height to deck (mm) Distance from deck (mm)
1 350 250
2 525 500
3 700 750
4 875 1000
5 1050 1250
6 1225 1500
7 1400 1750
8 1575 2000
9 1750 2250
10 1925 2500
11 2100 2750
12 2275 3000
13 2450 3250
14 2625 3500
15 2800 3750
16 2975 4000
17 3150 4250

How many steps will I need?

As explained above we have a rise of 175mm and a going of 250mm for all our stair stringers. So to calculate the number of treads (steps) you will need, we simply take the height to deck measurement and then divide this figure by 175 (rise height). We than take that final figure and subtract 1, as this final figure has given the total amount of rises and not total amount of treads; the subtraction is removing the final step up onto the deck, which is included in the overall height and rise count.

A height of 2100 divided by 175 = 12  minus 1 = 11 treads required.

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