• ** Sizing - We can size timber endsections from 300mm x 125mm down to your nominated size with our onsite thicknesser.
    Size 1 way
    Size 2 ways
    Size 3 ways
    Size 4 ways ( DAR - Dressed All Round )
  • ** Ripping - We can rip timber lengths to your nominated size. The rip saw is onsite.
  • ** Docking - We can dock timber to your nominated length with our onsite state of the art docking saw.The saw is capable of docking hardwood end sections up to 300mm x 75mm.

Offsite Service
  • Contract dressing - Wilson Timbers can arrange for medium to large volume dressing for end matched T & G flooring , shot edge decking, chamferboard and shiplap both in hardwood and pine.

  • ** Please note  - onsite sizing, ripping and docking service only applies to timber products purchased from Wilson Timbers.

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