Our Hardwood

DPR Royal F14 is cut from QLD Spotted Gum.

Ideal for external applications with its Natural Appeal. Great for using as bearers, joists, battens and rafters etc.


It has a Dressed finish with Pencil Round Edges. H3 treated for external applications.

The timber is dressed after treatment. It's a very durable timber ( Durability Class 2 - Inground ) and will last a long time.

Given it's of Royal species, it is a low shrinkage timber with a high strength rating (F17).


The stock is readily available, in long lengths and large end sections. 

hardwood     hardwood

Other than for aesthetic reasons, the main objective of applying and maintaining finishes (oils & stains) on timber used in external applications is to minimise the effects of weather (sun / rain exposure) and therefore to maximise the longevity of the timber.

IMPORTANT: Green Timber (freshly cut) has a very high moisture level. This will dry out until it reaches it equilibrium  moisture content of its surrounding area.

The moisture content will only change if there is a change is air humidity. As timber dries, naturally , it shrinks and may cause some surface checking ( cracking ) . When using green timber, please make sure you make allowances for this movement.


Our mills harvest the Spotted Gum responsibly to ensure the future of this species.

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