Brochures, Technical and Installation Guides


Accoya Brochure
Accoya Data Sheet
Accoya Wood Information Guide
Australian Timber for Australians
Austsaw - Blades - Predator Series
BGC - Durafloor
Blaxland BBQ Setting

Boardwalk Design Guide

Bollards - Outdoor Structures Australia
Boral Decking Guide
Boral Engineered Flooring - Brochure
Boral Engineered Flooring - Information Sheet 

Boral Engineered Flooring - Installation Guide
Boral Mountain Range Flooring
Cemintel - Designer Series - External Cladding and Internal Feature Wall Linings
Cemintel - Texture Coating System
Ceramic Tile Underlay Installation Guide
CN Emulsion
CN Oil
Construction Timbers in Queensland Book 1 Definitions & Descriptions - Updated Jan 2020
Construction Timbers in Queensland Book 2 Properties & Specification - Updated Jan 2020 

DeckMate D.I.Y Installation Guide
Deckwood Selection Guide 
Deckwood Simplified Installation Guide
Design Pine - Brochure
Design Pine - Message for the Installer
Dindas - H3 Primed LVL Flyer 

Duragroove Facade System
Easycraft Expression Series
Eclipse Bollard

EziTrim Plus Brochure
EWPAA - Facts About Particleboard & MDF
Grading Hardwood Flooring Standard - Kitt - AS 2796

Grading Unseasoned Hardwood - Fitec -  Visual Stress Grading AS 2082 2000
Grading Unseasoned Hardwood - Kitt - Visual Stress Grading AS 2082 2000
Hardaz - Retaining Posts
Hardiegroove Internal Lining Installation Guide
HM Walk Flooring Brochure
HM Walk Flooring Installation Guide
HM Walk Flooring Technical Brochure
Hurford Engineered French Oak Flooring Brochure
Hurford Wood Elements - Refined Architectural Hardwood Cladding
James Hardie - Scyon Secura Installation Instructions
James Hardie - Scyon Linea Installation Instructions
KlevaKlip Adjustable Joist Hangers
LifePlus Decking Brochure
LifePlus Decking Design Guide
LifePlus Decking Guide Essentials
LifePlus Decking Installation Notes
LifePlus Decking Specification
LifePlus Decking Specification  - Explanatory Notes
Mapei Ultrabond P990 1K
Maxi Aluminium Handrail Bracket
McGrath Digital Lock  - Catalogue
Modwood Composite Decking - Product Brochure
Modwood Marina Board  - Brochure
Outdoor Structures Australia - Catalogue
Pioneer Post Bollard
Pryda Timber Connectors  - Bracing Guide
Pryda Timber Connectors - Hangers & Truss Boots Guide
Rhino Wrap - Breather Wrap
Sheffield Product Guide
Sheffield Stirling Catalogue
Sheffield Alpha Catalogue
Sheffield MaxAbrase Catalogue
Sheffield Austsaw Catalogue
Sheffield MPS Catalogue
Shore Bollard
Simpson StrongTie Collated Connector Nailer Brochure
Simpson StrongTie Connectors Catalogue
Simpson StrongTie Outdoor Accents - Decorative Hardware
Simpson StrongTie Stainless Steel Connectors
Simpson StrongTie - Strong-Drive - SDWS TIMBER Screw
Smart Joist Design Guide
SmartLam GL17 Design Guide
SmartLVL 15 Design Guide
Smart Joist Comparison Guide
Solaris Brochure
Solaris Installation & Technical Advice
Solaris Sales Guide
Soudal Product Catalogue
Structaflor - Installation Guide & Manual - Document  1
Structaflor & Termiflor - Installation Manual  - Document 2
Timber Bollards
Timber Service Life Design - Design Guide for Durability
Trex KlevaKlip Installation Guide
Trex KlevaKlip - Flyer
Trex Composite Decking - Product Brochure
Trex Outdoor Lighting System
Trex Deck Lighting Installation Guide

Trio - Revive - Door Extras
Trio - Revive - Door Stops
Trio - Revive - Gate Furniture
Trio - Revive - Hinges
Trio - Revive - Levers, Locks & Knobs
Tuff Hardware & Fasteners Catalogue
Veneer Grading Requirements
Weathertex Accessories Reference Guide
Weathertex Installation Guide

Timber Preservation Guide Grading Hardwood Deck & Boardwalk Design Essentials
 The Seven Deadly Sins  Boardwalk Design Guide  Deckwood Selection Guide
 Commercial Barrier Guide  Bollards - Traffic Control  The LifePlus Decking System
 Light Bridge Manual  Boardwalk Assembly Instructions Type 1  Boardwalk Assembly Instructions Type 2
 Architectural Timber Battens  Timber Footbridges  Timber Fencing
 Timber Joints  Horse Fencing  External Timber Furniture


DPR Hardwood

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 Domestic Decks

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 Stairs & Handrails

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 Weathertex Installation Guide

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